Building the future of hospitality

At La Maison Suisse, we're not just building a hotel chain; we're shaping the future of hospitality. Our ambition drives us to innovate, to redefine what it means to stay, work, and enjoy in a modern hotel.

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La Maison Suisse hotel in Döttingen

Our story


We are a new collective of hospitality enthusiasts, innovators, and visionaries. United by a shared passion for excellence and innovation, our team embodies Swiss precision and a warm, personalised approach to service. We are the architects of your stay, dedicated to crafting moments that matter.


We create dynamic spaces where comfort meets sophistication. From luxurious accommodations to versatile co-working areas, and from exquisite dining experiences to versatile business facilities, we cater to the diverse needs of modern travellers. Every aspect of our hotel is thoughtfully designed to inspire and engage.

Relax at a lounge in La Maison Suisse Döttingen


Our mission & vision


Ensuring guest satisfaction

Our success is measured by the happiness of our guests; we aim to exceed expectations at every opportunity.

Relax at a lounge in La Maison Suisse Döttingen

Innovating responsibly

At La Maison Suisse, we're committed to exploring new avenues in hospitality while upholding ethical standards.

Lobby at La Maison Suisse Döttingen

Connecting with the community

Our mission includes celebrating Swiss culture, offering guests authentic local experiences.

La Maison Suisse hotel in Döttingen

Tailoring every experience

Recognising the uniqueness of each guest, we customise our services to match individual preferences, providing a personalised stay.

A double bed at La Maison Suisse Döttingen

Our hotels

Each of our conveniently located Swiss hotels promises generous, modern amenities, contemporary living, and home comforts.

Sustainable hospitality

We're committed to eco-friendly practices and socially responsible growth, ensuring that our impact on the planet and communities is as positive as our impact on our guests. We prioritise sustainability at every level of our operations, carefully selecting environmentally responsible materials for our facilities, sourcing locally whenever possible, and prioritising recycling and waste reduction in our restaurant operations.

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Vorhard 3, 5312 Döttingen, Switzerland
Relax at a lounge in La Maison Suisse Döttingen