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Short or long-term?

Find your perfect fit

Whether you're with us for a quick retreat or a leisurely business trip, La Maison Suisse offers both short and long-term accommodation options in Switzerland. Experience the same outstanding quality, comfort, and service, no matter how long you choose to be our guest.

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A blend of swiss tradition and modern luxury

Experience a new level of hospitality at La Maison Suisse, where comfort meets craftsmanship and every detail is designed with your comfort in mind. Blending Swiss precision with innovative style, our hotel was built using elegant Travertine stone imported from Italy. Every detail, from the structural elements to the stylish furnishings and the floor-to-ceiling windows, has been meticulously curated to create a stunning hotel with an inviting atmosphere. Whether for work or leisure, experience hospitality that feels like home at La Maison Suisse.

La Maison Suisse hotel in Döttingen


Work friendly facilities

Our hotel caters to the modern professional with top-tier business amenities, including versatile co-working spaces and spacious conference rooms, all designed to enhance productivity in a comfortable setting.

Your swiss escape

La Maison Suisse offers an immersive experience in the heart of Switzerland. It's a retreat where the beauty of the Swiss landscape complements your journey of relaxation, cultural exploration, and indulgence

Over 20 attractions

Step out to explore a variety of unique attractions within a short 5 km radius

Hiking trails

Choose a trail and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the area

Taste the region

Dive into the local culinary scene and experience an array of Swiss flavours

Easy car rentals

Choose your next adventure, and we'll take care of your travel arrangements.

Close to the action

Enjoy the convenience of being just 1 km away from the bustling city centre.
La Maison Suisse restaurant in Döttingen La Maison Suisse restaurant in Döttingen La Maison Suisse restaurant in Döttingen

Culinary experiences at La Maison Suisse

Our skilled chefs craft a diverse range of exquisite dishes, blending quality ingredients and culinary artistry for an memorable dining experience.

Diverse and elegant dining

Indulge in a fusion of Swiss and Mediterranean flavours while enjoying meals in our stylish restaurant, offering scenic views through panoramic glass windows.

24/7 room service

Enjoy the convenience of delicious dining options any time, right in your room

Event catering

Host your special events with us, complemented by our customizable and exquisite catering options.
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La Maison Suisse hotel in Döttingen